Tim. He's impressive

Tim. He's impressive

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Things that people should not post on facebook

RIP status. 
Honestly let's say there is an afterlife and I'm watching what people are doing once I'm dead do you really think I want someone to ask for attention by putting it on Facebook, and it's not respect it's retarded. I guess the saying is true it's not official if it's not on Facebook

The "It's been 6 months since I've been dating..."
I just don't care and those who do know it since it's only you and the person concerned. Unless you're passive-arggessively trying to tell your significant other they forgot.

A Football status (American Football), an Emmy, 
a Golden Globe, well any status about an uninteresting event.
I guess it's pretty self explicit.

Honorable mention to: STD statuses (never seen one but don't want to), you and your new boy/girlfriend profile picture, and New York sports team status

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